5 questions interior designers show ask to their client

Interior designer are usually hired due to their online presence or the reference of their previous clients. Clients select designers after a lot of research on their website, testimonials, social media profile like LinkedIn Page. After which they fix an appointment with you and meet with the agenda of offering you a project. In this meeting, he will discuss the details of the project and ask you to see his property where the designing will be done. He may or may not tell you all the required detail because he does not have any expertise in the field of designing. Sometimes, clients don’t specifically explain you everything, but you should aware of every detail anyhow before starting the project. You can question him on various aspect of a project like color and pattern, time limit budget, etc to have an accurate roadmap for starting the project.

This is the responsibility of the designer to know about the project thoroughly. Otherwise, lack of clarity in the mind of the client can trouble you if your work deviated from his expectation. You can’t point out his mistake on not clearing certain things, that’s why you should take the initiative of getting clarity on everything. Sometimes, the client is not even sure of what he actually wants; in that case, you can show them certain pictures to understand his taste.

Here, Being an interior designer, we have brought a set of questions you should ask your client before starting the project.

What’s your budget?

It happens many times that the look which the client wants does not even fit in his budget. That’s why the first and foremost thing you should know before planning the project is the budget. It avoids future conflicts when your plan will go out of the client’s budget. Once you get to know the financial limit, you can plan the interior accordingly and Hire an interior designer . The budget detail will simplify your selection of things like artworks and furnishing.

What is your deadline?

Sometimes clients notify about the deadline in the middle of the project after which you have to accelerate everything. This can also be the case where clients have expected to get the home ready within a time limit but you are unaware of it. To avoid this kind of issues, you should be asked of the time limit in advance. Being aware of the deadline is crucial for you to maintain consistency in the theme of the interior. You can also evaluate that the time frame is even realistic or not. If it is not possible to complete on the given deadline, inform them in advance or modify the plan on client’s approval for sooner accomplishment.

What are the things you already like and dislike about your home?

Some clients leave everything on the designer but the problem occurs when they don’t like the end result. Here, it is a challenge for you to analyze what he wants no matter he told you anything or not. You should think properly before using your taste in his room, you have to ask him about the things he likes the most and the things he dislikes from his space. This is a smart way to know the taste and preference of clients. Apart from the superficial understanding, you have to grasp the reason behind his choice. By analyzing the details in his current space, you will understand what type of person he is; so that you can create a feel in his room which complements his mood and personality. For this, you can ask why he likes and dislikes certain things. This question will give you enough idea about what the clients actually want from his home.

What is your color preference?

Interior designer should be aware of the client’s favorite colors. Choosing a color palette is one of the basic things, for which you should know the client’s preference in the first place. After knowing his favorite colors, you should confirm the shades and pattern you are going to use to avoid further disappointment or dissatisfaction. You can show them a 3D rendered video to them forget the approval on the overall look created by the chosen colors.

How do you want to use this space?

Being the designer, you should know the anticipated purpose of each room. The use of a particular space is the base of its interior designing plan. The design of a particular space gives a specific vibe that should complement the purpose of that space. Whether that room is going to be a private workspace or a study room for kids is very important to know.

The significance of interrogating your client regarding each and every detail to understand the project can’t be overlooked. Without absorbing the depth of the client’s need, you can’t create the feeling in the space that the client wants in his home. The more clarity you have from the beginning, the fewer sessions of revision will be required. Sometimes, clients don’t clear of what they need but after the project, they point out many things which they don’t like in their home. To avoid this kind of situation, be ready with your set of question which will minimize the probability of deviating from clients’ expectations.

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