5 Reasons to Focus on Sustainable Architectural Design

Despite the overwhelming perks, the perception of sustainable architecture had a sense of ephemerality a few years ago. But the fact is, the boon of sustainable architectural design will never let it go off track. It is the time to prioritize green building and to stop harming the environment which benefits us.

Green building has now become a necessity because it will compensate ample of things affecting our environment. The architecture industry should the initiative to bring sustainability in its development. It is equally important to think about environmental maintenance and optimum utilization of resources. Let’s see why sustainable architecture deserves more attention!

But why green architecture has been an argumentative topic all these years? The reason is that construction companies usually quote a heavy budget for it. This is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of green architecture. Usually, it is a necessity to keep the cited price 5% more than the construction expenses.

Advantages are already there, it just needs a lot of social awareness. Stay tuned to know more benefits of green architecture.


Nothing exists without a market; our creation is worthless unless there is demand for it. For sustainable and green buildings, the demand is increasing drastically in the market. This demand is a great inducement to the deserved priority to sustainability.

Nowadays, we are being asked for creating a green roof to reduce the wastage of abundant of rainwater and to get it utilized it effortlessly.

The market of sustainable building material in the U.S. is expected to rise at the compound annual growth rate of 9.5%, has now reached $69 billion. This growth rate is enough to justify the significance of sustainable architectural design. When something is getting such hype in the market itself, the rest of the battle is a piece of cake. The same thing is with sustainability in architecture, there is enough demand for it; architects just need to put a little bit of effort to make it happen and improve our surrounding.


The architecture industry plays a vital role in our environment, as they handle a very big part of it. It should ensure that the buildings around us must improve our environment and never let it get damaged by the construction process. 

Sustainable designs have the following benefit for our environment.

  • It reduces the wastage of resources
  • It utilizes the rainwater
  • It conserves water
  • It regulates the temperature

Here is a great opportunity for an architect to bring a change in society instead of pf being a victim of the majority’s carelessness. 


Gaining leverage is the purpose of almost every business; the key is to produce value. With architects and developers, everyone benefits leverage from sustainable architectural design.

Autodesk Revit (the building information modeling software for Microsoft Windows) gives many sustainable ways and solution to firms which use it. This software also helps clients to understand the anticipated cost to cope with the unpredictability.


The best reason to be thoughtful for sustainable architecture is the inducement that the government gives. As the government has a meaningful rationale to motivate the architects to the way of suitability.

In the U.S, Fannie Mae has publicized in 2015 that it would offer lesser interest rates to the green building certified properties. The offered reduction was based on 10 key points of the property which eventually lead to a good amount of savings. 

This is just an example; there can be countless rewards and incentives for encouraging sustainable architecture in India as well.


In the coming years, sustainable development will be the buzz word. At that time, you can be the one leading those who will start jumping on the bandwagon.

There are a lot of ways to encourage Sustainable architectural design; many new technologies are there to support green development. 

The zero-carbon building, Nanjing Green Light House in China is just an example. This building can reach a natural daylight level of 200 LUX. There can a lot more innovations in green architecture.

The sustainable architectural design gives depth to the entire industry and makes it more purposeful.


The vogue of sustainable architecture is not transitory at all, it will stay longer than it seems. The sustainable way is packed with perks, for which it deserves more attention. Our environment needs care; we can’t always behave like a typical selfish being neglecting everything we should be responsible for. The benefits of sustainable architecture are undoubtedly long-lived. That’s why technology is also started contributing to it. The interest is offered, is not only for our society but it also favors individuals and businesses.

What are you waiting for! Go ahead and take initiative for green architecture. If you want to go in-depth of what going in the architecture industry these days, follow our blogs.

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