Only those who go through the real constructing designing process can understand the hassle behind it. There is little detail which needs to be taken into consideration for constructing a reliable building. The world of architecture does not seem that much intimidating and demanding for outsiders. AEC Industry has a lot of things to do; it is not that simple which it sounds like. There is an enormous amount of things to do to construction a healthy building after creating the blueprint. The most important thing is the purpose behind constructing buildings, if the purpose is not being served; there is no point on working on it. That’s why we should focus on the architecture that provides comfort to its resident in the first place, rather than having functions which are irrelevant to the requirement of occupants.

The success of any architecture is defined by the satisfaction level of its occupants. Those who are living in the building should get good vibes and a positive environment. Since the time green movement came into existence, people have shifted some of their focus to more people and environment-friendly construction. The AEC industry is transforming gradually into due to this kind of trend as well as awareness.

Contractors and architectures have already worked on it and came up with the ways which will help in reducing consumption of energy, affecting our environment, improve the lives of its residents, etc. That’s why we have brought 5 new and useful features for your new building which you must have. These features will give a healthier feel and environment to your building.


Nowadays, outdoor space for gardening is hard to get in urban areas, no matter how much one crave for having greenery to envelop his house. That’s why the green roof is the ultimate solution of today’s crisis scenario of open space around your home. Rooftop decks have many perks, but the best part is that it is perfect to fit in a busy life.

A green roof is a great option of replacing your boring deck and brings purified air in your atmosphere. The purpose of planting a green roof is to utilize the roof space as well as get in a touch of nature despite a lack of open space for it. A green roof can benefit us in a lot of ways like it can make energy consumption more efficient. It is also a good option to consider for office and commercial building rooftop.n A research says that the people who get pacifying and comforting feel because of being around nature perform better in their personal as well as professional life.


The environment inside your home has a huge impact on the overall maintenance cost and occupants’ health. The quality of the wall of any building impacts the overall atmosphere more than we think. Insulated concrete walls can be implemented in almost all types of building. Insulated concrete walls have thermal efficiency which maintains the temperature at the most comforting level. Insulated concrete walls also improve the quality of air in the atmosphere and give a better feel. When this wall system combines with good ventilation, it helps in conserving energy and improving occupants’ health more effectively.


The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning require a huge amount for its maintenance. Creating a comfortable atmosphere is crucial in homes where one can peacefully breathe without facing any issue due to inappropriate temperature. It has become quite common nowadays that people complain about their building temperature, that it becomes extremely cold or too hot. Some of the building who has advanced technologies is also facing this issue.

Smart thermostat system is used to increase and decrease the temperature according to the requirement of the space. It also helps in coping up with climate change. This system is technology automated and needs a very little human resource to operate. Well regulated air under the floor in office space is a great way to control the cooling and heating of occupants, which eventually helps in productivity and efficiency.


In-office and commercial buildings, the expense of energy consumption is huge. But the lighting system is the aspect where we can save a big portion by planning it properly. Using led lights instead of fixtures is a great idea to cut the electricity expense without degrading the quality. LED lights give better ROI despite the initial investment cost.

Sunlight is also a great option for saving energy and giving a natural feel in the room. Windows should be smartly allocated in every room to ensure incoming of proper natural light. It is beneficial in many ways when we replace or complement artificial light with natural light. We can decrease ambient lighting to allow ample of lights inside in task area. Too bright and vibrant lights should be restricted in task areas.


Healthy construction is not always about making energy consumption more efficient, it is also about controlling the evitable situations which can ruin many lives like fire. This kind of emergency needs a support system to save the endangered lives on such a critical time. That’s why smart constructing designing must include the preparation to deal with this situation. A great way to deal with it is to use fire retardant curtain in the construction itself.

Fire curtains are also known as smoke curtains which have heavyweight that is dropped at the time of the fire. They are used to stop the fire to enter in a certain area constructing like staircase and lobbies to help people in escaping. These curtains are so effective for controlling fire, heat, and smoke at that kind of situation. It also helps in keeping the occupants safe from inhalation and heat while escaping.

The efficiency and productivity in your professional life will be elevated once you experience the outcome of the healthy building method. It will also decrease the financial stress by decreasing your lifestyle maintenance expense. These building features are not complicated at all, can be implemented easily in our construction projects. Hope we will discover more tools and technology to take the AEC industry in a healthier direction.


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