Benefits of 3D Architectural Rendering Services for Real Estate Businesses

In real estate, 3D architectural rendering service has overwhelming significance from a marketing perspective. Ignoring 3D rendering in real estate project can make you suffer a huge loss.  Research says, 20% of people like to be updated through print media and 57% of people prefer TV, another 38% consider online as the best place for getting news. Now you are wondering why I am discussing an irrelevant research outcome while talking about 3D rendering service. Well, the point is people usually prefer getting news as a visual treat rather than on a boring and still format. Ask yourself, what you like to see, a 3D presentation or a top-down blueprint?

Of course, like everyone you will choose the 3D presentation for obvious reasons. 3D rendering services is becoming a priority in real estate projects nowadays. We all know that the human instinct feels more comfortable with visual presentation. If you are ready to count on 3D rendering, see how it can benefit your company enormously.


Human beings do not respond the same with 2D and 3D images. It is quite obvious that shapes with gentle curves and realistic feel make more impact on our senses. The depth and clarity that they get to see into the 3D presentation will not be the same in the case of 2D. By taking 3D architectural rendering services, you can create a visual effect which is so much similar to how it will appear in reality. Now, there is no need to go back to boring sketches when you have such an engrossing tool to plan your architectural design. You will realize that convincing clients for getting approval has never been so easy.


When you present an architectural design on the 2D format, you can never be sure about its accuracy in the actual project. Those theoretically designs often turn out to be unfit in real construction. 3D rendering is the best solution for this issue; it gives the right plan to match the dimension of the project site more specifically. With the help of 3D rendering, you can test the architectural design thoroughly before start working on it. The drawbacks of 2d presentation create a bigger problem when it is presented to the client. If it does not show clarity in the project, the client may get doubtful for certain things.


You never know what problem will occur while working on the project when you plan it on a 2D format. There is a lot more adjustment you need to make apart from what the clients have asked for. The biggest issue is you only come to know about these problems once you start the construction project.

But this will not happen in case of 3D rendering, as it figures out all the possible problems in the structure of the project. Any issue like lack of space or attractiveness can be easily seen in the 3D presentation before starting the construction. This will avoid the intimidating requirement of making changes when the works are already on the site.


In 3D rendering, the necessity of editing is much more than you anticipate. First of all, preparing the presentation is a time-consuming process, then the editing which consumes a lot of energy and patience. In the days of 2D images, it was like uninvited guests who create the only inconvenience for the host.

Our 3D rendering services can also solve the issue of editing nonchalantly. Unlike your re-drawing of you 2D images just to make a little change, the 3D presentation can be edited in few clicks by the designer.  Nowadays, with the use of utile tools like AutoCAD, these changes can happen effortlessly. In this way, clients can also see the end result after those changes without much hassle. Also, if they are not satisfied with it the designer can undo it to the previous one in some clicks. 


You may get surprised after knowing that modifying 2D blueprints will cost you a lot more than making changes in 3D presentations. Yes, you read it right; you pay not only for changes but also for the labor to make those changes in 2D blueprints. 

But when 3D rendering software is used for this technology, the process of modification becomes much more affordable. The changes can be done just by a few clicks of the designers. This can save a huge expense in making these kinds of changes. Of course, the value of saved money is self-explanatory.


3D renders makes a huge impact when it comes to marketing and advertising the project. Imagine when you show 2D blueprint in the media, it will seem quite stupid because no one would like to see that boring image. Engaging prospective customers can never be done by 2D images at all.

Here, only 3D renders can fulfill the requirement of a marketing campaign. The 3D presentation of great quality does not let anyone feel the difference between image and reality. The rendered presentation is so relevant for commercial videos. An entrancing video presentation can also surpass other flaws in the marketing campaign. Showing a delightful visual treat to client is all you need to do to make a killer first impression. Research has proved that the probability of buying the product is 64% more when the consumer has seen its video ad first.


The evolution of marketing has touched a new dimension of virtual reality. By 2018, 171 million people have moved to virtual reality. The potential of virtual reality has been witnessed in today’s technology. The perspective with which people see media has been reshaped by gadgets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Till now, it has been understood that virtual reality is going to make a drastic impact in the coming 5-10 yrs. The way it is trending assures that the virtual reality has come to be in the long run. Virtual Reality was being used only in video games and movies, but its captivating potential has brought in other fields as well. The propitious combination of VR and 3D rendering perfectly fits in the world of real estate marketing. This gives a great perk of giving a tour to clients instead of a simple video presentation. With 3D rendering and virtual reality, you can make a virtual 3D presentation which can be explored using the technology of virtual reality. It gives huge satisfaction to clients, they are assured after this tour. After all, the significance of seeing the end result before even starting cannot be overlooked at all. Here, you have a great opportunity to be one step ahead of your competitors by being innovative rather than following the mundane trend.

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