There are different types of interior drawings a designer for his project which our residential drafting services can provide. The drafts we draw are extremely beneficial for redevelopment and refurbishment; on top of that, it also helps the contractors to execute the design.

Let’s assume that a designer got a project to renovate a house within a short duration of time. The problem occurs when he realizes that the construction of the house was not up to the mark when it was built. It becomes a huge challenge for him to avoid technical errors while redeveloping it. Also, he has to decide the steps he will take for renovation and instruct it to contractors accordingly. There is a need for accuracy in the draft because lack of exactness can create problems builders, electrical, plumbers, etc. 

High-end CAD residential drafting services is exactly what the designer needs to solve the issue he is facing in this project. Professional 3D draftsmen can craft plans from the beginning or can upgrade existing ones to the digital version. Let’s see what type of interior drawing services we offer and how it targets the needs of designers.


Wall elevation is the base for residential drafting services because it represents the basic plan of project. It has only necessary details about the internal construction. Partitioning disassembly scheme and partition mounting scheme are two types of wall elevations. Contractors and designers can refurbish a residence with the help of CAD drafting. To figure out which walls should be safely dismounted, partitioning disassembly schemes are used. In the same way, partition mounting schemes help in adjoining new walls and modifying the layout


When it comes to present a blueprint of dimensions of the property, size of each room, positioning of doors and window, furnishing, etc., and floor plans do all at once. Floor plans are the basic necessity of any project; it gives ground for construction and interior designing and renovations. Floor plans are also used for marketing purposes, it presents and demonstrates the interior to client comprehensively.


Specific blueprint is prepared for the placement of lighting sources. Lighting blueprints indicate the decided location of lighting products. It also includes adding, removing and replacing of primary and secondary lighting sources. The lighting plan is created with the coordination of electric switches layout and an electric switches schedule which allocates the source of the lights.


Electricity schemes are also provided in our Residential drafting services to get the clarity of electrical wiring, placement of sockets, cables, shields and power supplies. Interior drawings have made it easier to comprehend how many electrical appliances dwellings can handle. It assures that the supplied power will be enough to cope up with the required appliances. Electrical outlet layout is a very significant part of the electricity plan which allocates the sources of electrics in the house.


The pipeline arrangement is a very important element in every residence which is done on the basis of plumbing schemes. It helps designers to decide the number of bathrooms in a dwelling. Plumbing layout is a major part of drafting services. This draft displays the placement of pipelines and fixtures in an apartment comprised of sinks, taps, baths, showers, toilets, etc.


From the full dimension measurement of the ceiling to the required, material like drywall, plastic, stone, wood, fabric, everything is included in reflected ceiling plans. Our residential drafting services know for giving impeccable reflected ceiling plans. This plan should be comprehensive enough to explain how to lift the level of the ceiling and how to take it down.  By reflected ceiling plans, it can be defined that what kind of ceiling is required in the project. Conventional, suspended, tray, coffered, shed or beams; one of these types is finalized in this interior drawing. This drafting also has a specific section demonstrating the structure and crown molding plan which is the description of eaves and ceiling baseboards.


Here comes the floor covering plans which focus on the parameters of flooring and the materials it is comprised of. It is also required for renovation or refurbishment and for adjusting the level of flooring. On top of that; incorporating steps, elevations and thresholds in a residential design takes place on the basis of floor covering draft. Apart from this, our drafting services have floor heating layout which helps to create heated floor efficiently.

Residential drafting services

We are offering world-class residential drafting services which have all types of interior drawings for any project. They are not only for redevelopment or renovation but also for the perfect execution of the project design. Deciding what type of construction or renovation should be done is also a task in itself, in which interior drafting services contributes as well. Apart from this, these engineering data are also useful for contractors to make the best possible implementation of the design.

Do you want to get the best out of your design project? Take our residential drafting services, we offer high-end interior drawings for designing magnificent residences.

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