Top 4 Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Any property without proper marketing is hard to sell. There is a crucial need of having fruitful marketing strategies to get the right set of prospective clients for buying your real estate properties. You can influence potential buyers with the help of these strategies and reach your business goals.

You should always create your marketing strategy with the use of both old and new tools and channel for the best possible outcome. Ignoring all the traditional way is not a wise decision because they can also serve the purpose of your marketing campaign.


Every marketing campaign starts with identifying prospective customers. After which, their details are found out before approaching them. This is known as creating a buyer persona, inbound marketing where you know all about your prospective customers.

A buyer persona is a well-described set of people who are more likely to be interested in what you are selling. While creating a buyer persona, we do a fictional representation of potential buyers and find ways to approach them.

These are the top question you should ask while creating a buyer persona:

Who is the buyer?

You must know the interest and profession of your prospective buyer. Find out whether they have done any real estate investment before or not. Being aware of their problems, concern, weakness will help your to make more effective conversation with them. Know what actually they need in the property they want to buy. What is their purpose behind this purchase?

Where does the buyer live?

You must be aware of the place where you can get your potential buyers. Know about their location, whether they are local or from other states. It will help you to get a better hold on your customer segmentation.

You should also know the interest, hobbies, and features of your possible buyers. Think of how your listing will influence certain customer segmentation.  Figure out the way you can connect with them, check if the social media will work here or not. Know whether are comfortable with things like technology. Find out the ways they can be comfortable while dealing with you.


For selling either a restaurant or an office property, you must present it magnificently to your prospective buyer. There are some marketing strategies which help you in showing off the polished version of your property in a persuasive way.

A 3D tour of the property you want to sell can be the best marketing tool. You should make a video to influence the client even before they plan to come and see the property. They can see the entire property from their device and get an idea of how the place actually looks like. Scheduling an appointment and come is not an easy task nowadays, that’s why this idea will work for sure. 

You must create a 360-degree virtual tour to show the potential client before scheduling their actual visit. So, the chances of getting the disappointment after the visit will be less, as they will know if the place is relevant to their expectation or not.


Sometimes, people may think that making a separate website for marketing purposes is not so important when you are already leveraging social media. But the reality is totally different because of the difference between the content published on social media and your own website. You can never have the ownership of the content you are posting on social media or on any external website. Those who are having a hold on your content can do anything with it without bothering about your concern. That’s why you should always secure the copyright and ownership of your content by publishing it on your own website. You will enjoy the full control over whatever you want to say and share about your real estate properties on your website.

There are many other benefits of having a website apart from ownership. It is a great platform to present your company in all over the world. An informative and well-designed website cultivate a robust identity of your company and gives credibility to it. You can show all your property at the same place. It will also allow telling you more about your company and its existence. It will help you to build trust and have good relationships with your anticipated buyers.

Nowadays, the significance of SEO is increasing drastically. Most of the people come to a search engine before taking any decision, and only those who can manage their survival on Google’s first page serve their visit on the web. On top of that, making a real estate investment is a huge deal. One will search thoroughly to come up to the best possible conclusion. You just need to come in front of that person when he is doing the research. You can do this really well with search engine optimized website. A good website will magnetize the right set of clients to your company.

Now that you are aware of the importance of a website, you must build an effective website. Contact us for further help, we can craft an exceptional website design for your company.


Social media is one of the inseparable things of our life. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are part of your daily life; we rarely have a day without social media. These social platforms are a great way to present your listing and get in touch with people interested in it. In social media marketing, you have two options to go for, choose what seems more effective for you. You can do the paid advertising and spread organic awareness to your buyers.

Social Media gives a great opportunity for marketing without disturbing your marketing budget. You should go for organic promotion before even planning a budget. But organic reach is not so effective when compared to the outcome of a paid advertisement. Each one of your followers will not be interested in your post.

That’s why people prefer to go for advertising to get a better result. Although you need to spend on ads, it has many other perks like a highly specific audience. After crafting relevant buyer persona with all this collected information, you must put it accurately in the targeting options on social media ads.

No matter which pattern you are going to use for marketing. Whether it is ads or organic reach, you must consider two things while using social media as your marketing channel.

One thing of which you must take care is the difference between your personal and professional account. You should never use your personal account to market your business. The prospective customers of real estate can judge you on these mistakes and change their decision. That’s why you must make a separate account for these two things and list your properties only on the professional one. Also, you should ensure that your personal account is not having any clutter. Otherwise, it can also affect the decision of your buyer.

Apart from promotions, the second thing is that social media is also a great platform to publish factual and explanatory content. When you post compelling articles and blog about real estate, it will give credibility of your real estate listing. If you deliver value to your prospective customer, their investment decision will probably be in your favor.

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