What Sanjyt Syngh says about orange palette!

Sanjyt Syngh loves to welcome the fusion of orange in the space he adorns. Orange is the only color which gives a playful and tranquil feel at the same time. Whether a burnt orange or a tangerine shade, it goes perfectly for elements like towels, vases, candles, cushions, etc when used in a restricted portion. The orange palette can complement the space by being used in rugs and curtains, as it balances the ample of other used color in the theme. Being an interior designer, Sanjyt Syngh understands what orange can do in the interior if used with ample of thoughtfulness.

Apart from this, if orange will be used in stripes on either curtain or on the bedsheet, it will give a fresh feel to the entire space by breaking the norms of interior designing. The most innovative way to use orange is to paint the interior of kitchen cabinets with orange and put transparent glass door with it. In this way; when the orange will peep from inside, the vibes will be perfect to enhance the taste of food while cooking. Ornamental pieces and modern artwork with a bit of orange can also a good option to balance the theme.

The Delhi-based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has discussed some ideas with us on how to add some elements in orange color to give a glistening touch to the interior. Here are some examples of the magic he has created by using the orange palette. Here is how he used this glowing orange mostly in the dark theme and enlivened the entire area.



In this living area, the interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has used the dark orange candles to give a perfect finish the whole space. He has proved many times that the base of grey and black absorbs the beauty of vibrant color better than any other neutral aesthetics. The tint of orange in the artwork complements the black wall and the orange cushions do the same with sofa. The lightest shade of orange on lampshades gives an effect which combines the entire living area in a well-defined flow.



The combined theme of grey and orange is something that actually works in interior designing. Here, this silent shade of orange in the clock is fulfilling the exact missing element. The grey, yellow and orange cushions are giving the best words to define this bedroom. The artwork outside the room also has an orange watch on it, which contributes to the balance that the interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has created. Black and orange lampshade completes the overall look by giving it a warm and cozy feel.


What is the most special thing about this area? Of course, the artwork divided into black and orange. Sanjyt Syngh has designed this office area with the purpose of releasing intense workplace vibes. The sprinkle of orange on cushion goes well in this interior comprised of dark artworks, chair, and drapes. The place speaks the language of tranquility and contentment.

Now we have seen these 3 designs created by Sanjyt Syngh with the enchantment of orange. For Sanjyt, black and grey are the most intriguing shade which he balances with vibrant colors. You may have realized that grey and orange are not less than siblings whose relationship is cultivated by none other than Sanjyt Syngh. I am sure you got inspired to use orange in your dream home as well either with black or grey or with your favorite neutral base.

You can also use your own ideas like orange flowers on the center table of the living room, or an orange blanket for your cozy bedroom. Whatever comes first in your mind, just go for it without thinking twice. Interior designing is all about imagination; become your own interior designer and invent a style of your own for your dream home.

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